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East Harlem School at Exodus House

The East Harlem School at Exodus House is an independent middle school that serves students in grades 5-8 from low-income families in Harlem who exhibit an earnest desire to rise to their academic potential. EHS targets children from underserved families and then helps them develop academic excellence, moral integrity, courtesy, and an unshakable commitment to their future and the fate of their community. EHS provides an intensive year-round academic program over an extended school day (8:00AM-5:00PM) and offers a comprehensive learning experience for students through a challenging combination of academic, extracurricular, summer, travel, and alumni programs.

The Foundation provides scholarship, in addition to founding and sponsoring the Lacrosse program.

One of the continuing successes is the Foundation supported collaboration between Hotchkiss and EHS. Foundation supporters host a visit by EHS lacrosse teams to Hotchkiss to watch a game and to play with the Hotckiss boys and girls team.